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Recovery Chiropractic Events

No time is better spent than in the service of your fellow man.Bryan McGill

Public Health Screenings

We provide valuable cost-free mobile public health screenings and a weekly in-house screening for our neighbors.

As the cost of health care insurance has tripled over the last 15 years, its become more and more common for everyone to ignore their day to day aches and pains for as long as possible. Therefore, we’ve noticed that people are becoming increasingly good at numbing out to their health issues and by the time an appointment is scheduled, we are used to hearing that the primary complaint began an average of 8 months ago. More and more alternative health care providers are paying attention to this phenomena and are committed to offering solutions.

public health screening

Screening Happy Hour: Every Tuesday For Our Neighbors

Every Tuesday from 4-6pm, walk-ins are welcome for a complimentary two part health screening: A chiropractic joint mobility check up and a massage based soft tissue check up. Results of the testing are explained same day & any necessary warnings or solutions will also be offered.

Work-Site Screenings

If you have more than 10 employees, we will come to you. Many companies use this service to support their employee appreciation days & to encourage health care awareness. We are happy to screen as many as possible within 3-4 hours max and report findings the same day. Call us to save a date: (503) 656-1680

Educational Workshops

We provide in-house and event support speaking services to amplify the value of alternative medicine and the cost saving tactics of when you need to visit an independent clinic compared to visiting the hospital. We maintain excellent research from both outside sources as well as inside clinic averages to support how much more affordable a privately owned clinic is compared to the overhead of a hospital (which should only be utilized in emergency open wound or broken bone type circumstances.) But as popular as alternative therapies are in the Portland, Oregon area, most of the population still needs help understanding the unique value of chiropractic, naturopathy, acupuncture, and various forms of massage. Request a quote today, or find out how to reduce the cost of our speaking services by including a public health screening afterwards. Call us to save a date: (503) 656-1680.