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Dr. Matthew Singler

Oregon City Chiropractor

Dr. Mathew Singler knew he wanted to help people, he just wasn’t sure exactly how. Ever since he was a child, science always appealed to him and the human body and it’s many complexities fascinated him. This interest in science and desire to help people led him to chiropractic.

After shadowing many doctors, I found chiropractic to be the most interesting. Once I really understood it and saw all that chiropractic could do, I was inspired.

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Oregon City Chiropractor, Dr. Matt Singler

Oregon City Chiropractor,
Dr. Matthew Singler

Education At Hand, Right Here in Portland

Dr. Mathew Singler attended University of Western States in Portland where he mastered modern chiropractic techniques to help the body function at it’s very best. After graduating, Dr. Singler settled in Oregon City and opened Recovery Chiropractic.

I spend a lot of time focusing on my patients, and that’s what I’ll do with you, too. I want to figure out what’s wrong and discuss how I can help!”

Here To Help

Whether you’ve had an injury and looking for pain relief, or you just want to maintain good health, Dr. Singler is here to help you.
“I’m here because I’m passionate about helping people feel better and stronger, and I want to help you!”

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